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You will be able to check important metrics such as…

  • Has a horse changed in class since its last race? Horse Change in Class
  • Is this a Jockey’s only ride (or the Trainer’s only horse) at a meeting? Unique Jockey or Trainer

    And much, much more.


    Horse Racing Betting System ResultsMy name is Keith Eckstein and I’m the creator of

    I wasn’t always madly and passionately interested in (for that, read addicted to!) horse racing and….

    I didn’t always live in France.

    I still remember when I was an IT Service Manager at Chase Manhattan Bank and hiding in the toilet when my secretary came round collecting for the Grand National office sweepstake!

    “Betting on horses was a mug’s game – or so I thought then!”

    “I seem to have changed my tune now, though – I do have to say!”

    Horse Racing Betting System ResultsHi, I’m Roy Connor and…

    I’m joining Keith as I, like Keith, always want to have an edge over the bookies and when we spend our money we want to spend it in the right place at the right time.

    My first bet was in 1974 as an 8 year old boy my Granny told me Red Rum was going to win and I put all my pocket money 5p each way and of course it won and I was a millionaire.

    I won 55p back and lodged 40p in my post office account and kept 15p to spend on sweets.

    To find out more about Roy, read… Introducing Roy.

    Maxbet System Selections…

    Intelligent Betting produces daily selections from a portfolio of finely tuned systems.

    These System Selections are only available to paid, logged in members.

    To see the recent results, you should visit our Results page.

    Results Summary – August 2020

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    Results Summary – July 2020

    Races = 24
    Wins = 15
    Strike Rate = 66.66%
    POI (to ISP – Level Stakes) = 71%
    Increase on Bank (to level stakes) = 340.80%

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