Horse Racing Betting System ResultsHi, I’m Roy Connor and…

I’m joining Keith as I, like Keith, always want to have an edge over the bookies and when we spend our money we want to spend it in the right place at the right time.

My first bet was in 1974 as an 8 year old boy my Granny told me Red Rum was going to win and I put all my pocket money 5p each way and of course it won and I was a millionaire.

I won 55p back and lodged 40p in my post office account and kept 15p to spend on sweets.

I live now in a lovely town called Mullingar in the very middle of Ireland with my wife Angela, and I have three boys, Daniel, Scott and Aaron.

Mullingar is famed for the great Lakes we have and of course the legendary Joe Dolan and of course Niall Horan from One Direction fame.

I own a convenience store located in the middle of the town.

After my Huge win on Red Rum I didn’t bet again until about 8 years ago when the girl from the bookies came into my shop for a sandwich and told me a horse was going to win the 4.20 in Thurles.

It was 4/1 so I gave her a twenty and at 4.30 she brought me back €100.

Easiest money I ever made and so I believe I can do this time and time again if I have the right tools, which is why I am exited to join Keith on this journey and hope to provide as many people some tools to expand on their knowledge or a few tips to help you on your way.


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