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This is the fourth of the Saturday Summaries that I will be sending out, once a week,

To Intelligent Betting members to let them know how things have gone and, more importantly…

How things are going.

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at how the System Selections did over March.

Click on the image to see it full size.

March was an up and down month for the system selections but, at no time was the bank at risk.

Using a £200 bank and betting to £10 level stakes we ended the month with a final bank of £398.51 (assuming a Betfair commission of 2%.)

Thus, we just about doubled our bank during the month.

We could take out £198.51 as profits and start April with a £200 bank.

The drop in performance during the month occurred during the Cheltenham Festival; Roy and I have both commented on what we see as the Cheltenham (although it applies equally to other festivals) effect.

News 1

You may have noticed that the eBook section of the website is filling up.

I anticipate adding another couple of eBooks today.

These will show Jockey performance for each of the racing codes…

By Race Code and by Jockey.

I may actually Rinse and Repeat that and do the same for Trainers.

Thinking about it…

This time of the year, there may be some value in producing a Trainer/Jockey combination just for that Flat Turf season; I could update that once a year at around April every year.

News 2

I have also started work on Expert Ratings/Expert Cards PDFs.

These will show all horses in every race.

There will be one in RSR (Really Simple Ratings) order and another in Horse Saddlecloth order.

They will use a smaller typeface so that I can cram more information on the page.

This will allow me to show (for every horse) things like…

Horse Change in Class
Horse Change in Trainer
Trainer Win Strike Rate
Horse Going Form

And so forth.

In other word, as much of the stuff that I compute every day as possible.

I think that it would be useful to have it all in one place so that you don’t have to check them manually on the web site.

These Expert Ratings/Expert Cards PDFs will only be available to full members.

News 3

This is just for the full members…

Currently you get the System Selections, the Unique Jockey or Trainer PDF, the Really Simple Ratings (top 3 and all runners) PDfs, the Horse Change in Class PDF and the Horse Change in Trainer PDF sent to you by email every day.

To these I shall PDFs to show some of the newer information that I have added over the last couple of weeks.

Such as…

Course, Distance and Going Winners
Horse Return to Last Winning Mark

And so forth.

As well as the proposed Expert Ratings/Expert Cards PDFs.

News 4

Over the next week, I shall be writing an Intelligent Betting Site Manual.

This is primarily for the newer members (and, by the way, a big welcome to those people who have joined over the last few days.)

This will explain what all the tools do and, more importantly…

How you can use them to add a spin to your betting.

News 5

After what felt like an enormous amount of work…

I have now got Post Codes for every Trainer (or, rather, their stables) and every Race Course.

Using the Google Maps API (application programming interface) I can now, in theory, work out distance travelled from every stable to every race course.

Thus, I can show that on the site; probably in Distance Travelled in descending order for every race horse running every day.

I am not sure how long this is going to take to do.

The Google Maps API is horrible to use and, Google do charge for its usage.

Having said that, Trainers’ Stables generally don’t move and Race Courses are pretty stationary.

Thus, I would only need to do this once covering all possible permutations and combinations.


I hope that this explains what is going on.

If you have any ideas for additional tools that we could add, please feel free to contact me.

Members of Intelligent Betting get the following…

Really Simple Ratings (top four rated horses)
Really Simple Ratings (all horses)
Intelligent Betting System Selections
Horse Change in Class
Horse Change in Trainer
Unique Jockey & Trainer
System Builder
Course, Distance and Going Winners
Top Trainers
Top Jockeys
Trainer Jockey Combinations
Running off the last Winning Mark

If you want more information about Intelligent Betting, please visit Find Out More.

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2 Responses to “Saturday Summary – 03/04/2021”

  1. Andybet says:

    I look at horses last 3 runs using this form of 111-311-121-221-131-231-122 – 321-421-431. any one of the above it must be in the order as stated I think you mite find it profitable. Yours Andrew Pearson.

    • Keith Eckstein says:


      As I see it, the overwhelming criteria is that the horse has had a win in one (or more) of its last 3 races.

      You really could be onto something there – I’l take a look and see what my numbers say.



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