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This is the second of the Saturday Summaries that I will be sending out, once a week, to Intelligent Betting members to let them know how things have gone and, more importantly, how things are going.

We’ve had an interesting week with the System Selections.

I have a theory about festivals…

But, let me start off by letting you know that Roy and I made a decision not to use any Cheltenham selections; there are too many surprises at Cheltenham.

In retrospect that was a wise decision; we would have had some winners but they would have been at very low prices and, overall, we would have lost more than we made.

My theory about festivals is that the non festival racing is also a bit of a gamble.
All the trainers will be concentrating on their festival horses.

The best jockeys will be booked for the festival (where appropriate) and,

The best horses will be racing at the festival.

Which leaves fairly low grade racing outside of the festival.

That, to me, explains the lack of success over the last four days.

However, we are still £124.33 up on the start of the month (assuming a £200 bank on the 1st of March) which is a 62.16% profit on stakes in just 19 days.

News 1

I have updated the Staking Page on the website.

It’s well worth a read, even if only to see how Roy and I think about how to bet/stake the system selections.

However, you stakes are your own business and you should feel free to use whatever staking plan that feels right to you.

I will always report to level stakes (to 5% of a £200 betting bank.)

News 2

One member has suggested that I show the yearling sale price for every horse.

Now this, logically, is an interesting concept and may well give us an extra edge.

However, although I can quite quickly access this information on, I would have to do this manually every day.

Let’s say there are 5 meetings a day, with 7 races in each meeting and 10 horses in each race…

That is 350 horses that I would have to check.

That would be about 2 hours of extra work for me, at least to start with;

It would get better over time as every horse only has 1 yearling sale in its lifetime.

I still need to think about this but first I will do some back checking on recent results to see if yearling sale prices have any effect on the result.

News 3

I have been doing some investigating over the last week.

I have been looking at the performance of those horse that have Unique Jockeys and Unique Trainers.

That is, to say, those horses which are the Trainer’s only horse in a meeting and the Jockey’s only ride at that meeting.

Intelligent Betting members (both free and paid) can access the list of the day’s horses that fit into this category by visiting…

I have come up with a very simple system which only gives about 2 selections a week but gives a 33.89% strike rate and a POI (Profit on Investment) of 54.34%

However, I still have some more work to do on this and anticipate that I’ll be spilling the beans on next week’s Wednesday Wisdom.


I hope that this explains what is going on.

If you have any ideas for additional tools that we could add, please feel free to contact me.

Members of Intelligent Betting get the following…

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