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This is the third of the Saturday Summaries that I will be sending out, once a week, to Intelligent Betting members to let them know how things have gone and, more importantly, how things are going.

We’ve had a return to form following Cheltenham.

Roy had this to say about Cheltenham…

Well that was a bad week altogether and the weekend, well I wish I had no internet or that all the bookies had closed or something so I wouldn’t have lost any profit I made with Cheltenham.

Lets hope we can back on track today if you excuse the pun…….

What did I learn from the week…..and what I will be doing next year…

The ratings don’t really work in my view because during the festival as you said all the best jocks, the best trainers and the best horses are out and some of these are kept under the radar for these festivals and therefore don’t have any decent ratings and all of a sudden BANG they win……

Again as you said the worst ones run at other courses and you cannot really predict what these will do and again the trainers will put their horses into weak races while no one is looking and BANG in they go with no history……

I was also watching the jockeys that were at Chelt and this weekend they were tired probably worn out and not really interested in winning, so really all of these should have a few days off after the festival or maybe I should.

For example Rachael Blackmore, champion jockey, was riding one of my local horses Flindt yesterday.

Now Flint has won a good few races but hasn’t done anything for a while but is still a good horse.

In a small enough field Rachel was picked by Ciaran to ride him so I would have thought she wouldn’t be riding losers for a while but lost badly.

What will I be doing next year.

I will withdraw €160 from my account the week before Cheltenham. I will open a new account with someone. I will lodge the money and that will give me 40 a day to enjoy the festival and not do any other normal bets until at least the following Monday. I will then withdraw my winnings from the new account and spend it on a night out (if I’m allowed by then) if I don’t win much it will be a Macdonalds for me and her indoors but If I do win good I might book a nice restaurant…

Hope I haven’t bored you too much. Have a great day.

News 1

I have added a new page to the website.

You may view it at… Course, Distance & Going

It basically lists all horses running each day who have won over today’s distance at today’s racecourse but also…

Over the same going as today’s going.

I shall be monitoring this to see if it shows up any surprises.

Full members will receive a PDF of this data every morning by email.

News 2

I am currently working on a new page which will show any horses that are running off the same (or lower) mark than their last win.

The theory is…

A horse wins a race and, as a result, getting penalised by having its Official Rating increased.

It struggles at the new rating, loses a few races and gets its rating reduced.

When it runs again at its last winning rating (or below) it often does well.

I should have that done by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Full members will receive a PDF of this data every morning by email.

News 3

I am also working on a quarterly publication called Top Trainers.

This will show the 20 most successful Trainers for every race course.

It will additionally show the the top 20 race courses for every Trainer in Trainer Win & Place Strike Rate order.

And, also, I shall (if I can work out how to do it) be showing Trainer/Jockey combinations in Win & Place Strike Rate order.

This PDF will be available for download by all logged in members (free & paid.)

The code to produce this report is currently chugging away right now but it is slow and could take all weekend to complete.

I anticipate producing this report every 3 months.


I hope that this explains what is going on.

If you have any ideas for additional tools that we could add, please feel free to contact me.

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