Good Morning

This is the seventh of the Sunday Summaries that I will be sending out, once a week,

To Intelligent Betting members to let them know how things have gone and, more importantly…

How things are going.

RSR Plus

As I mentioned in a Morning News last week…

I am now producing RSR Plus ratings.

These are our normal RSR (Really Simple Ratings) that full members get (free members have access on the website to the top four rated horses in every race) but,

RSR Plus are only those races where I can rate 92% or more of all horses in the race.

Npw, these are just ratings, not selections.

However, yesterday there were 9 RSR Plus rated races;

From those 9 races there were 3 top rated winners.

Newmarket – 14:40 – Bellosa – 1st @ 2.76 BSP

Newbury – 15:35 – Palace Pier – 1st @ 1.57 BSP

Doncaster – 19:05 – Invite – 1st @ 8.50 BSP

So, whilst I wouldn’t suggest blindly backing the top rated horse in every RSR Plus rated race…

It would seem that they are a good way of narrowing the field and helping us pick winners.

New Features

Following feedback from a member…

At some point next week I shall be adding some new PDFs to the morning email that full members get.

This will show the ratings and expert cards but with one PDF for each meeting.

Full members will also get a PDF showing those horses who are running at or lower than their last winning mark.

This will show additional information that isn’t available on the website such as change in class and the code the horse last won under.

The whole idea is to put as much information as possible on the morning email that full members get.

In much the same way that the colour coded Expert Ratings try to show any information that you might need when making intelligent betting decisions.

Intelligent Tracker

I am working on adding a horse or trainer tracker to the site.

Only full members will have access to this.

Now, I know that a number of horse racing sites have horse trackers but, I’d like to think that the one that I am working on will be a bit more intelligent than the rest.

Obviously you will be able to track a horse or a jockey and receive an email alert every time that horse races or the trainer has a horse running but…

With the Intelligent Tracker you will also be able to set up combinations such as…

Jockey/Horse combination (receive an alert every time a horse runs with a certain jockey riding it.)

Horse/Course combination.

Horse/Distance combination and so forth.

In other words, you will be able to set up any set of rules in order to receive email alerts when those rules are fulfilled.

System Selections

The System Selections have been doing well this month.

By their very nature there will be ups and downs, peaks and troughs but the peaks are higher than the troughs and over all, the selections make a profit.

But don’t just take my word for it; I independently proof these selections to – this screenshot shows the performance for the last exact month…

Click on the image to see it full size.

So far this month, after just 2 weeks (I am writing this on Saturday the 15th of May), our system selections have generated (assuming a 2% Betfair comission) a £276.06 profit on our initial bank of £200, betting to £10 stakes.

The actual results may be seen at or you can look at the spreadsheet here…

Once again, this is to £10 stakes based upon a £200 bank.

Price Rise

And, finally, I have some important news for you.

Roy and I have decided to increase the prices for full membership.

This will take effect on Tuesday the 18th of May.

If you are already a member, THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU.

However, for any of you who are not full members but are thinking about becoming one, from Tuesday, we shall be roughly doubling our prices.

Once again, this does not apply to you if you are already a full member; you will always only pay the prices at which you signed up.

Frankly, at the new price of £19.95 a month the service is very good value (you could pay a year’s subscription just out of the profits made from the system selections from the first 2 weeks of this month) but…

At the current price of £10 a month, it’s an absolute steal.


I hope that this explains what is going on.

If you have any ideas for additional tools that we could add, please feel free to contact me.

Members of Intelligent Betting get the following…

Really Simple Ratings (top four rated horses)
Really Simple Ratings (all horses)
Intelligent Betting System Selections
Horse Change in Class
Horse Change in Trainer
Unique Jockey & Trainer
System Builder
Course, Distance and Going Winners
Top Trainers
Top Jockeys
Trainer Jockey Combinations
Running off the last Winning Mark
Stall Bias
Roy’s One For Today (ROFT)
Wins and Places in the Last 5 Races
Expert Cards

If you want more information about Intelligent Betting, please visit Find Out More.

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