Good Morning

This is the sixth of the Sunday Summaries that I will be sending out, once a week,

To Intelligent Betting members to let them know how things have gone and, more importantly…

How things are going.

New PDFs

I have added some PDF reports to the eBook section of the website.

These show Stall Bias for Flat Turf and Flat All Weather courses.

The Stall Bias is also shown on the new Expert Cards (available to full members.)


ROFT stands for Roy’s One For Today.

Roy is in a unique position where he has access not only to all the Intelligent Betting data but also…

Focus Ratings and Advance Ratings.

And we talk every day.

With this information he is in an ideal place to pick one highly considered tip every day.

These are available to both full and free members.

These are only available on the website at this address… ROFT

You can see today’s selection and previous results there.

Now, given this level of success we may restrict these selections to full members but, at the moment they are available to all members, free or full.

Distance Travelled

Distance Travelled is coming along fine.

It is largely automated and I only have to fill in the gaps.

I should be finished by the end of the week.

Days Since Last Run

I have been doing some interesting work (prompted by a comment from a member) about Days Since Last Run.

From an initial quick look it would seem that those horses that do well when they run in sprints or, if they are badly beaten favourites.

There may be a profitable system based upon my data.

Price Rise

And, finally, I have some important news for you.

Roy and I have decided to increase the prices for full membership.

If you are already a member, THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU.

However, for any of you who are not full members but are thinking about becoming one, at some in early to mid May, we shall be roughly doubling our prices.

Once again, this does not apply to you if you are already a full member; you will always only pay the prices at which you signed up.

Expert Cards

As I’ve been mentioning…

I have been working on Expert Cards for Intelligent Betting members.

These are only available for full members.

However, for today I am allowing access to all members (full or free.)

The link to today’s Expert Cards is…

Click on the image to see it full size

The idea is to supply colour coded cards with all the information that you might need for your betting.

If it all seems a bit complicated, there is a key to all the abbreviations on the last page of the PDF.

I’ll explain how it works…

St stands for Stall number
SWP is the Stall Win Percentage (adjusted to Distance.)
Horse – Horse Name (with Saddlecloth number in brackets.)
Jockey – Jockey Name (Will be bold if it it the Jockey’s only ride.)
JWP – Jockey Win Percentage (only takes into account this race code.) It will be Blue if 10% or more.
Trainer – Trainer Name (Will be bold if it it the Trainer’s only horse at the meeting.)
TWP – Trainer Win Percentage (only takes into account this race code.) It will be Blue if 10% or more.
CIT – Change in Trainer (when the horse’s last run was for another trainer.)
TJC – Trainer/Jockey Combination Win Strike Rate. It will be Blue if 10% or more.

Click on the image to see it full size

Form – The horse’s recent form.
LTO – Last Time Out – days since the horse’s last run.
LC – Last Code – shows the last code the horse ran under – will be blue if different to today’s code. NC means No Change; otherwise A = All Weather, F = Flat, NHC = NH Chase, NHF = NH Flat and NHH = NH Hurdles.
CIC – Change in Class (indicates whether a horse has changed in class since its last race.)
CID – Change in Distance (indicates whether a horse has changed in distance since its last race.)
LM – Last Mark (indicates whether a horse is running at, or below, its mark (handicap) in its last winning race.)
PL5R – Places from the last 5 races (it will be in bold if more than 3.)
WL5R – Wins from the last 5 races (it will be in bold if more than 3.)
WPL5R – Wins or Places from the last 5 races (it will be in bold if more than 3.)
C – Course Winner.
D – Distance Winner.
CD – Course & Distance Winner.
BF – Beaten Favourite.
GF – Going Form (shows the horse’s Win strike rate for today’s going.)
GFR – Going Form Rank (shows the horse’s Win strike rate for today’s going compared to that of the other horses in the race – 1 is best.)
Age – the horse’s age.
Wgt – Weight.
S – Sex – the horse’s sex.
RSR – Really Simple Rating.
RR – Really Simple Ratings Rank (shows the horse’s RSR compared to that of the other horses in the race – 1 is best.)
F/C – The Early Morning Forecast Price (ISP.)

The Morning News…

My Focus Ratings, Early Bird Ratings and Place Profits members all receive a Morning News email every morning.

With that email I try to update people with what is going on and I also show the results of yesterday’s selections and ratings.

From tomorrow, you will also receive a copy of that email.


I hope that this explains what is going on.

If you have any ideas for additional tools that we could add, please feel free to contact me.

Members of Intelligent Betting get the following…

Really Simple Ratings (top four rated horses)
Really Simple Ratings (all horses)
Intelligent Betting System Selections
Horse Change in Class
Horse Change in Trainer
Unique Jockey & Trainer
System Builder
Course, Distance and Going Winners
Top Trainers
Top Jockeys
Trainer Jockey Combinations
Running off the last Winning Mark
Stall Bias
Roy’s One For Today (ROFT)
Wins and Places in the Last 5 Races
Expert Cards

If you want more information about Intelligent Betting, please visit Find Out More.

My kindest regards



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